The Journey To 100 Million


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The Journey To 100 Million


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•Do you feel like you are bound by financial slavery?
•Would you like to escape?
•Do you need practical steps on how to make money and make it work better for you?

Answers to those questions are found within the pages of this book.

From his childhood in Lephalale to being South Africa's multi-millionaire Forex Trader, CEO and Founder of Forex Chasers Inc, youtuber and an online entrepreneur. Lesiba Mothupi's story is one of courage, resilience and a refusal to let set-backs stop him.

The Journey To R100 Million is Lesiba's blueprint to success. In this book he shares his tested formula that have enabled him to thrive in an economy where many are struggling. This book will give you ideas and a kick start to your journey of making money.

If you have aspirations of becoming financially free, there is no better starting point than reading this book.


The 100 million journey....

Everyone should strive to become a millionaire. Not for the status but for your own personal growth. The truth is you will never make a million rand/dollars and still be the same person that you were when you only had a few pennies. The journey to the ultimate goal (e.g. $1M, $10M or $100M) will require you to continuously and consistently develop yourself. A lot of sacrifices will have to be made. Bad habits will have to be unlearned and hard work to be put in.

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Chapter 1 : What Is Your Why

Four Phases Of Why

  • Survival
  • Freedom
  • Purpose 
  • .....

Chapter 2 : Unlock Your Full Potential

The Key To Your True Potential

  • True Potential
  • The Benefits
  • Comparison 
  • Comfort zone
  • Inspiration
  • .....

Chapter 3 : Humble Beginnings

The Hood

  • Lesiba Mothupi
  • My Schooling
  • Transition From Primary To High School
  • Living In The Garage
  • Your Story Can Change
  • ...

Chapter 4 : Self Made

Chapter 5 : Losing It All

Chapter 6 : Things I Would Do If I Was Broke

Chapter 7 : This Is Why You Are Probably Not Rich

Chapter 8 : You Are At The Right Age

Chapter 9 : My Daughter , My Life

Chapter 10 : Remain Humble

Chapter 11 : The Power Of A Personal Brand

Chapter 12 : Multiple Streams Of Income

Chapter 13 : Giving

Chapter 14 : Should You Go To School Or Not?

Chapter 15 : Forex Chasers

Chapter 16 : Scams

Chapter 17 : Conversation With A Profitable Trader

Chapter 18 : Actionable Plan For Yourself

Chapter 19 : R100 Million Blueprint: Job Creation

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